Creative we design & development

Creative web design & development

Web design and development is a creative process, and is today regularly a fundamental component of most business marketing strategies. A strong online presence is a valuable business asset. Outcast is experienced in most genres of web design, including the creation of web portals and dynamic database driven sites. We can also develop sites in a wide range of international languages. And multi-lingual sites are no stranger to us.

Product & Business Branding

Corporate and product branding is fundamental component of most marketing strategies. A strong brand is a strong business. As experts in branding and corporate image, Outcast Media will most certainly get you noticed. Here are a few examples from our Branding Portfolio...

Corporate Business Sites

A business site that truly represents a company and what it stands for is a key part of market presence. It will provide customers with product information, news, business positioning, contact details - indeed everything that is of interest to customers and potential customers. It can even be used to inform staff of the latest developments. Here are a few examples from our Corporate Portfolio...


When it comes to eCommerce, Outcast Media are the experts, with our teams having considerable experience in designing and building online sites that are highly user friendly, operationally fast, and secure. We also have experience in working with a variety of delivery services and payment processors. Here are a few examples from our eCommerce Portfolio...


National & International Real Estate

At the forefront

When it comes to property/real estate advertising and sales Outcast Media has unparalleled experience. Some Members of our team have been working and specialising in the property industry for 10-15 years, building dynamic data-driven sites, frequently multi-lingual, and highly search-engine optimised. For many estate agents and realtors, the quality of their web presence is the key component of their market presence.

Here are some of the most important capabilities of our real estate sites:

  • Advanced search facility
  • Currency switching
  • Unlimited showcase pictures
  • Video feature
  • Multi-lingual

We also have experience in building portal sites in which individual agencies can advertise and feature properties alongside other agencies.

Estate Agency Products

Individual Property Websites. Take a look...

Property Hi-Lite Videos. Take a look...

Estate Agency Products

Creative website design & development