Welcome, meet the team...


Andrada Dumitrica, CEO Outcast Media
Greetings and welcome to Outcast Media. My name is Andrada Dumitrica, one of the founders and also CEO. I have a background in Public Relations and Communications. Whilst being a new company in the UK, we have a very strong pedigree, with all the senior management having worked together in the past, typically as the leading lights of other specialist marketing agencies. So Outcast Media might be viewed as the culmination of many years of experience in marketing and communications, indeed from around the world.


Frank Kershaw - Outcast Media - Account Manager
Frank is an experienced advertising man who delights in working with clients to help them achieve their objectives. He is highly experienced in assembling strategic marketing campaigns that simply work.  He has previously worked with some of the biggest agencies in Europe and is a fluent speaker of several languages. Frank will most likely be your first point of contact when liaising between your management and marketing department and our own creative teams.


Outcast Media - Tony Wood - Senior Consultant
Tony is probably one of the most experienced digital marketing experts in Europe. He was one of the forerunners in e-commerce and digital marketing in the early days of the Internet over 20 years ago, well before the appearance of Google, Facebook and most of the other big names of today. Coming from a software development and engineering training background, he is our technical expert and likes to be at the forefront of digital technology. Tony advises customers on business development, including product launch, communications and digital marketing strategies.


Outcast Media - Jo Costello - Head of Media
Joanna is a fanatic. She heads up our media team, which means video, magazines, all kinds of creative advertising, TV and radio marketing channels. She also supervises social media marketing and strategy. Before joinging us, Jo worked with Facebook in the States where she was involved in corporate publicity. She is a specialist in television and radio production and will be happy to discuss possibilities and opportunities for mainstream promotion with clients throughout Europe.


Ongoing Discovery

01 No two businesses are the same in their objectives and market position, and so marketing campaigns are a process of ongoing discovery, resulting in frequent re-evaluation and tuning based on results.

02 The very close monitoring of our marketing campaigns, whatever strategies are involved, enables us to be proactive in initiating changes, and often in a position to propose new or even innovative approaches.

03 Being results-focused means that we are not fixated on applying any one strategy simply because it has worked in the past. Recognising that there is no one formula for success, flexibility of approach is ever present.

04 Markets and their demographics, together with marketing technology, are in a constant state of flux. Being at the forefront of research enables us to offer the most advanced and effective solutions.

Our project team – Andreea, David, Anastasia – at the Cannes Film Festival 2018