Reputation Management

” Your Reputation Precedes You “

Online Reputation Management Services (ORM)

Brands and Individuals are now more in the public eye than ever before. Digital Reputation is the basis of most buying decisions made on the Internet. With Google throwing up more than 5+ billion searches every minute, any negative aspect of your brand or your persona is subject to public scrutiny.

Establishing one’s brand, company and personal reputation is more than just a website in the digital world of 2019 and beyond. Your online voice is your ‘Digital Footprint’ and how this is perceived is based on time, effort and a very strategic digital roadmap to ensure success.

How it’s done

Content Marketing and Branding are one of the major aspects of ORM. It’s also a powerful asset when it comes to SEO. We at Outcast Media co-create a perspective with the brand owner with all relevant information pertaining to the business. We work hand in hand to understand the brand/company’s values that serve the larger purpose.

We audit your existing online reputation, including search engine rankings, websites, social media assets, profiles, blogs, press/media articles, 3rd party sites and reviews. This is no quick fix and to build a lasting and positive online presence we ensure that our ORM strategy is future-proof, ethical and robust using the most up-to-date online guidelines and legislations.

How does Reputation Management work?

Establishing a positive online reputation is about understanding the industry to which it belongs, and the online community which includes search engines, blogs, social networking sites news sites etc.Identifying and challenging ‘Negative Content’, exploring opportunities for positive content, PR and Social media, including industry trends, topics, and influencers are all ways to enhance brand values.

We work with individuals, SMEs, Multinationals across the world and transform how they are viewed online by the world. Our team is honest, experienced, ethical and our strategies work.

Negative online content ranks highly in search results and damages your online reputation

Brands, businesses and individuals who have negative, defamatory or libellous mention and content in their names can have a devastating impact on consumer trust and their revenues for a very long time.In fact the longer negative content stays online, the greater the damage, and if the site it is posted on is high authority – such as a UK media site – it further increases the number of people who will potentially see it. Google also has tightened its reins and ensures that negative and true brand mentions that actually provide information in the consumer interests will not be withdrawn if it’s pertaining to a medical, cosmetic, legal, personal aspect of anyone’s life or lifestyle.

For individuals, unwanted content can badly affect your personal and professional reputation, and challenging and removing this content can be a complex area.

The last thing businesses and individuals want is to be associated with anything negative, and this is where we come in.