Our core values


In all aspects of our business, including the development of services and products, a core objective is always to be best of class. And this extends to our relationship with clients. To this end, we will only ever offer services that provide a clear winning formula and have the potential to add significant value to our clients' businesses. This means that we test, test, and further test everything we do in order to constantly refine and obtain optimum results. In fact we always test on our own businesses before making products and methodologies more widely available.


We conduct all our business affairs in the spirit of openness, honesty and integrity. In particular concerning our relationship with clients. This means treating all clients in exactly the way we would ourselves like to be treated... with consideration, respect and total openness. If we feel that what we offer is not the best solution for a client, we will immediately say so. And since our experience is very wide, we are often able to point clients and potential clients towards perhaps more beneficial solutions. We will never, ever, seek business simply to generate income for ourselves, without first assuring that the needs of our clients are more than met.


Furthest from our minds is simply offering bland, generic services. Creativity in everything we undertake is a guiding principle. Indeed we have an intense aversion to the mundane! So going that extra mile to produce products and services we can be proud of comes as a second nature. We are what we do, no more and no less. For example this is why we spent almost a year creating our Cardinal FM streaming radio station, entirely self-funded. And why we are now embarking upon the development of leading edge television channels on the Roku, Amazon and upcoming Apple platforms. Whatever we do, we always have an eye to the future. And of course this investment in R&D will ultimately benefit our clients, opening up new marketing possibilities at the forefront of innovation.


We never stop studying and learning. And this keeps us at the forefront of marketing. Never a day goes by when we are not actively studying the latest trends and technologies related to communications and marketing. From global, to national, to local level. In the fast moving sphere of global communications, those not at the forefront will simply be left behind. We believe that we owe it to our clients to be in the vanguard and active participants in evolutionary trends and technologies. And it is they who will ultimately benefit.Wherever possible, we will endeavour to brief our clients on the results of our research, so they can themselves keep ahead of the curve, and of course the competition.

About our process

Direct Communication

01 Of prime importance is dialogue to determine realistic objectives for the short, medium and long term. Plus a thorough understanding of the starting position to be built on.

02 A detailed evaluation of significant competitors, their strengths and their weaknesses, is usually a prerequisite in to determine an optimum marketing strategy and best possible result.

03 There is frequently more than one possible strategy, and best results are often obtained by a combination of methods working in tandem. We work with the customer to arrive at the most satisfactory approach.

04 Having achieved various milestones, ongoing discussion and review with clients frequently leads to campaign extension or modification in order to further develop winning strategies and set new goals.

Ongoing Discovery

01 No two businesses are the same in their objectives and market position, and so marketing campaigns are a process of ongoing discovery, resulting in frequent re-evaluation and tuning based on results.

02 The very close monitoring of our marketing campaigns, whatever strategies are involved, enables us to be proactive in initiating changes, and often in a position to propose new or even innovative approaches.

03 Being results-focused means that we are not fixated on applying any one strategy simply because it has worked in the past. Recognising that there is no one formula for success, flexibility of approach is ever present.

04 Markets and their demographics, together with marketing technology, are in a constant state of flux. Being at the forefront of research enables us to offer the most advanced and effective solutions.